Week in Review 10-26-18

Week in Review 10-19-18
October 19, 2018
Week in Review 11-2-18
November 2, 2018

The Internet is a treasure trove of information and content. Here’s a sampling of health and wellness related items that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

My Favorite Articles

Those who struggle with fat loss have probably, at some point or another, lamented a "slow metabolism".  In truth, what we really need is a flexible metabolism rather than a "fast" one.

Coaches spend a lot of time extolling the virtues or regular exercise, but can too much exercise prove harmful to your health?

Ginger is a flavorful spice that packs a host of health benefits. Use it as you prepare your next meal!

The Best of Social Media

Effort and intent is far more important than the perfect exercise program

Part of establishing effort and intent is making exercise a priority

Lots of effort and intent are present here, as La Jefa expertly demonstrates Slide Hand Walks