I’ve been fortunate to work with some awesome people over the years. Here’s a small sample of what my clients, past and present, have to say about their experience..


"I started training with Jason in 2015. My initial goal was to manage chronic neck pain that had not responded to weeks of PT, secondary goal was overall strength training. Jason evaluated my overall fitness level, identified areas of weakness contributing to my neck pain, and taught me how to use muscle strengthening and relaxation techniques to eliminate the pain. We are starting our 4th year of strength training and I could not be more pleased with the results."


"I signed up for Vitalifit ReBUILD recently to get myself back into shape. The 12 week program was customized specifically for me. It combined strength training and cardiovascular work. Along the way, Jason updated the program based on my progress and challenges and was an ongoing source of encouragement. While challenging, it helped me meet the goals I had set. If you are looking to get back in shape, I highly recommend this program."


"My husband and I are septuagenarians and have been working with Jason for the past four years. He tailors workout regiments for each of us focusing on core strength and agility through weight training, cardio and body exercises. He is personable, professional and we highly recommend Jason and Vitalifit to anyone looking for a superior trainer no matter their age!"


“Jason has been a complete pleasure to work with. He has helped me increase my strength and endurance with a program designed specifically to not only meet my personal goals, but one that is 100% personalized. After 4 months of one-on-one sessions with Jason my husband and I now both train with him and are reaping the benefits. Our sessions with Jason are some of the best parts of our work week!”


“Jason is an amazing trainer. I've seen great results—reduction of body fat by 3% and lost inches in my hips, waist and thighs! Jason does a great job of making sure I'm working just outside of my comfort zone, never pushing for over-the-top exhaustion, but making sure I'm working well above what I think I can handle.”


“Jason has a positive attitude and he has helped me to push myself harder and workout with more intensity than I ever have previously. However, the best part is that I feel I have learned the proper way to exercise efficiently while working with Jason. And so as a result, I feel confident now when I am working out by myself that I am doing the proper exercises to get the most out of each and every workout session.”


"The program is expertly tailored to provide a big challenge while still being able to complete it. The response time to questions has been fantastic and helpful. Also, the video database of exercises is very impressive and very helpful."