Week in Review: July 5, 2019

Finding a Way
July 2, 2019
Meal Prep 101
July 9, 2019

The Internet is a treasure trove of information and content. Here’s a sampling of health and wellness related items that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

My Favorite Articles

Barriers threaten to derail our ability to make progress or even start. In this week’s article we covered some common ones, as well as ways around them.

Do you struggle with willpower? Try limiting your choices or the number of demands you place upon yourself.

As a parent and a coach, I’ve found that each role complements the other. If you’re a new parent or aspire to be one, this article will hit home.

The Best of Social Media

Traveling for the 4th? Can’t get to the gym? Don’t worry, we got you covered:

What are your priorities and what are you willing to make time for?

Fancy gadgets don’t achieve your goals, your hard work and effort does:

Which is something even the GOATs understood: