Week in Review 2-16-18

Strength Training Staples Part IV – Upper Pull
February 13, 2018
Strength Training Staples Part V – Supplemental Exercises
February 20, 2018

The Internet is a treasure trove of information and content. Here’s a sampling of health and wellness related items that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

My Favorite Articles

Many of sugar-free foods and supplement bars contain sugar alcohols.  Are they something you should be consuming?  Ultimately, the key as with many things, is moderation.

Food cravings are a tactic used by the body to let you know that you have a deficiency.  What are some common cravings and what do they mean?

If you’re struggling with your pull-ups, here are some non pull-up exercises to help you improve.

Social Media Gems

We all handle stress differently and this chart provides some insight as to why. Just remember, you have more control than you think…

Excellent tips for heart health…

Creating sustainable change is hard work that requires discipline, but it’s within your control…