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Week in Review 11-10-17
November 10, 2017
Week in Review 11-17-17
November 17, 2017

As we approach the end of 2017 and prepare for 2018, many of us reflect upon the previous year. We take note of our successes, lament our failures and vow to start the New Year off right! While focusing on self-improvement is a noble endeavor, I’ve often wondered why we should wait until the next year to implement these changes.

There’s some deeply engrained psychology at work…

First, the concept dates back thousands of years to the Babylonians and after them the Romans. We continue these ancient traditions to this day. Second, at our core, we are goal driven. Resolutions give us a bit of the order, focus and clarity we seek. Unfortunately, even our best intentions can be for naught, as one study showed an astounding 88% of resolution makers fail. The study points out that resolutions are typically generic and lack specificity. “Exercise more in 2018” is a great idea; “exercise two times per week for 30 minutes” is a great goal.

The New Year also presents an opportunity to hit the reset button. Between Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!) and New Year’s Eve we’re inundated with opportunities to overindulge and many of us take full advantage. By the time we get out of December, we’re ready to detox, eat a few salads and jump on the nearest treadmill. In other words we’re motivated, which is far different from being disciplined.

Resolutions are well intentioned, but…

They’re just not an optimal method for creating change. Aside from being too generic, they program us to procrastinate. Every resolution is founded upon the idea that we’re going to start changing our behavior in the future. To that I ask, “If the behavior is worth changing, why would you wait to change it?” Delaying the development of good skills, habits and self-sufficiency is antithetical to eventually adopting and sustaining them as permanent lifestyle changes.

Furthermore, the holidays actually present you with an opportunity to introduce balance into your life. What better way to offset some of the seasonal gluttony than by starting a regular exercise program or adding an extra serving of veggies?

The time is now!

Don’t delay the implementation of healthier habits. Pick one habit or behavior and start today! It can be as simple as adding a 20 minute walk or swapping out one unhealthy food option for a healthier one. Ultimately, these little changes add up to a lot, and the sooner you start the closer you’ll be to achieving your longer term goals!

Use coaching to get you started!

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