Week in Review 11-24-17

Week in Review 11-17-17
November 17, 2017
Phone a Friend!
November 28, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! La Jefa and I are travelling this week to visit family. It’s our last big trip before our new addition in January, so we’re spending some time in Seattle and Vancouver. This week’s review highlights some old favorites of mine. Enjoy!

My Favorite Articles this Week

Getting lean is hard work and it carries a fairly significant cost. This infographic from Precision Nutrition highlights just how difficult an ultra-lean look can be, and what tradeoffs you can expect to make to achieve it.

Being aware and informed about health and wellness is important. The million dollar challenge for many is turning it into action. Jill Coleman’s article offers some great situational examples of how to get it done.

Social Media Gems

If have just 10 minutes to spend on the internet today then stop reading right now and go watch this video from @DrRickRigsby.

Words to live by: