Week in Review 10-12-18

Week in Review 10-5-18
October 5, 2018
Week in Review 10-19-18
October 19, 2018

The Internet is a treasure trove of information and content. Here’s a sampling of health and wellness related items that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

My Favorite Articles

We've long known that yo-yo dieting is a suboptimal health strategy, but can it put you at greater risk for a heart attack?

My wife and I love sushi, but we've learned that some rolls are not all that healthy.  If you want to enjoy sushi and keep it healthy, then keep it simple.

While we all have different goals when it comes to our exercise programs, these 5 indicators will help you to assess whether or not you're moving in the right direction.

The Best of Social Media

Don't stay up late, get up early!

Regular exercise or heath nutrition strategies may not be easy to implement, but they start with a choice. Choose it!

For my wife and I, choosing a healthy protein and veggies at every meal is a non-negotiable habit!